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Hello - this is Michael Shulman with Options Income Blueprint with a unique and important idea.

If you're an investor or trader who enjoys options, and if you've followed me for any length of time (or even if you haven't), you know that I'm dedicated to selling options for income and teaching the many benefits to selling options over buying them.

Today, however, I want to unveil and share with you a unique idea that I believe you'll want to be a part of...

10 years ago, I started my Options Income Blueprint program to teach investors how to sell options for extra weekly and monthly income.

Given all that's happened recently, this idea is more urgent than ever:

A Simple Idea: How To Use Your Portfolio
To Pay Yourself An Extra $1,000 per Month (or more) 

Now, I know most people hear the word "options" and think "Oh, I can't trade options. They're too risky."

For traders or investors who BUY options, this is true. Buying options is gambling and results in losing money 70% to 80% of the time.

But if you stop and think about that for a moment...

A buyer must have a seller, right?

So, if the options buyer LOSES 70% to 80% of the time...

Then who WINS 70% to 80% of the time?

The options SELLER wins 70% to 80% of the time.

Here's the reality - you can chase those high-risk big wins and you'll lose money with options up to 80% of the time.

Or, you could follow my consistent, reliable approach to income by selling options - every week - where you can make money 70% to 80% of the time.

My actual track record for the last nine years is 96% successful trades - that means my options trades produced the expected income 96% of the time.

And in that time, my students, using a modest portfolio of $50,000 to create income have paid themselves an average of $265.70 per week using my trades and my trading process.

That's Potential Annual Income of $13,816
A 27.6% Annual Return On Your Money!

Take a look at the market today: Where are you going to get a 27.6% return on your money?

Index Funds? Good luck this year: Index Funds are -18% for 2020 and while they will recover, how much does that cost you as you sit and wait to get back to "even Steven?"

Treasury Bonds? Nope. Treasuries right now pay you $300 for every $50,000 invested. Per Year.

That's not a typo, either. That's three HUNDRED dollars in interest income for every $50,000 invested in treasuries.

Savings or other money accounts? Not a chance. You're lucky if you get $50 in interest income on a $50,000 cash balance.

Dividends? Well, they used to be the income investor's dream but lately they've become a nightmare, paying less than $1,800 annually on a $50,000 portfolio.

Which leaves you "hoping" that the stock market will keep rising 20% or more per year.

And that's not happening here in 2020...we'll all be lucky if the markets get anywhere close to no gain for the year.

Which brings me back to this:

If You Need Additional Income In These Difficult Times,
How Are You Going To Get It?

You don't want to run up your credit card debt, right? And you certainly aren't taking out a second mortgage on your home to make ends meet (I hope not).

So let me ask you a simple question: Could you use an extra $1,000 in the next 30 days ... would that help you?

If you're an investor or trader with a portfolio, you have an unused tool at your disposal to create ongoing income, week after week. But I'm willing to bet nobody has ever truly shown you how.

In the last six months, covering the big rise and fall in the stock market, look at the average "Weekly Paycheck" my Options Income Blueprint members have collected:

 January 2021: $408.50 per week

 February 2021: $209.50 per week

 March 2021: $458.50 per week

 April 2021:
$699 per week

 May 2021: $305.50 per week

 June 2021: $337.50 per week

 July 2021:
$240 per week

 August 2021: $334.50 per week

September 2021: $88.00 per week

October 2021: $256.00 per week

That's An Average of $333 In "Weekly Paychecks" 
My Options Income Blueprint Members Have Paid Themselves

In an average month, that weekly income adds up to $1,332 in total cash income (using a $50,000 portfolio and averaging 2 contracts per trade).

With everything going on, I've decided this month to open the doors to my Options Income Blueprint program with a really big idea:

Help Investors Desperate for Extra Income
Collect $1,000 Or More In Cash In The Next 30 Days...

and the 30 days after that...and the 30 days after THAT!

If I can show you HOW to get an extra $250 or more in weekly cash income, then YOU will know how to keep the income flowing even if:

...the economy remains shut down...

...jobs don't come back as fast as predicted (or at all)...

...a recession or worse strikes the U.S. economy...

Would you worry less if you knew you had a simple, consistent and reliable income stream that could either keep you afloat in desperate times or significantly increase your monthly cash flow?

That's not all...

To help you get that $1,000 in cash income, I'm going to trade with you via a LIVE Webinar every Tuesday morning for the rest of the year.

Plus, I'll immediately email and text you my trade recommendations in case you can't make it to the live trading webinar.

Let Me Help You Put $1,000 Or More In Cash Income In Your Pocket Every Month When You Join Options Income Blueprint
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One of the themes I hear from my Options Income Blueprint members (and members of my other services) consistently is: LEARNING. People have LEARNED how to generate income, learned how to sell options, learned how to use other tactics I teach and it is the learning that gets them results.

Ok sure, the trade recommendations HELP, but that's not the point: This is...

Wind the clock back to March/April 2020...the virus is rapidly spreading, state's shut down businesses, job losses accelerate...

What would YOU do (what DID you do) to keep your income secure in that time?

Now, read this from a long-time member, James (from December 2020):

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I wanted to take a moment to thank you and the team at TR for showing me how to put my money to work in a more  efficient way... I can say I learned more than I ever expected to learn.

Here is the most important reason why I'm sending this note. I'm self employed.

With Covid, my business has been "virtually" destroyed. Get it?

If I hadn't learned what I did over the last few years, I would be in a world of financial hurt.

I have made more money in the market & options than I could have ever dreamed of. I'm still not able to bring myself to make all of the trades as you call them out.

But..... I am making enough revenue to replace most of the income I was making in my professional career. My wife wants me to retire completely and just trade options for a living! 

Thank you so much. May God bless all the members of Traders Reserve.

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Start YOUR Income Transformation Today!
The Options Income Blueprint's 30-Day, All Access Trial Includes:
Here's everything you'll get when you decide to be part of this unique approach to keeping the economy going strong and putting "paychecks" (Cash) in American's pockets:
My Best Options Income Trade Recommendations: Each week, I'll hand you 2 to 3 options trade recommendations with complete details to place the trades so you know exactly how to get your "weekly paycheck."
Live Trading Workshop Every Tuesday at 11am Eastern (subject to change): As part of the Save Americans' Paycheck Plan, I'll make your trade recommendations during live trading sessions every Tuesday morning at 11am Eastern Time via a live webinar over the next 30 days.
Email and Text/SMS Trade Alerts: I'll also send your trade recommendations by email and SMS Text if you choose, so you won't miss out on your "weekly paycheck" just in case you can't make one of the live trading sessions (or any of them).
5 Module Options Income Blueprint Training Program Included FREE: You'll also have access to my complete Options Income Blueprint training program so you know exactly what to do whenever I send you a trade recommendation. You'll also be able to start trading on your own!
Monthly Coaching Session Included FREE: You'll be able to attend a monthly coaching session so you can master the art of income generation by selling options.
Email Q&A and Support: You will NOT be on your own (unless you choose to be). I am always just an email away to give you the help you need or answer any questions you have!
Easy Access Private Member's Website: Access your training modules, trade recommendations, and bonus resources and every tool I can put in your hands to ensure your success as an options seller.

Start Your Options Income Blueprint Trial Today
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Transformation: From "Busted Out" Options Buyer
To $25,000 Cash Income In One Year Selling Options
 - There Is NO Reason This Can't Be YOU - 

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10-Year Track Record
96% Winning Trades
Average Weekly Income: $265.12 (or higher)

There's a reason my 10-year track record is so successful: I don't swing for the fences.

Remember we are options sellers, not options buyers, which means we can make more money hitting singles and doubles than we can taking high-risk home run trades.

That's exactly what I'll teach you to do, too. I'll also share every tactic and secret I've developed in the last 9 years so you can learn to get income for yourself whenever or as often as you need it.

Last Year, my Options Income Blueprint members made:

87 total trades in the year
83 Wins
4 Losses

95.4% Successful trades

On a $50,000 portfolio, we collected $11,400 in total income (a 22.8% return).

Over 43 weeks of actual trading, that's average weekly income of $265.12!

Larger portfolios could and would have made more money.

This is why I can say with confidence that I can put that $1,000 in cash income into your pocket in the next 30 days.

I'm kicking off the "$1,000 A Month" Plan next week, which means right now is the time to get in because seats will be limited, especially for our live trading sessions together.

I'll also "double-down" on my "Save Americans' Paycheck" Plan because I'm giving you 30 days of complete and total access to my Options Income Blueprint program which includes all of the benefits we just covered:

  • 2 to 3 Cash-Producing Trade Recommendations Each Week during the next 30 days to help you get your $1,000 cash income.
  • Live Trading Session Every Tuesday at 11am Eastern Time so I can make sure you get your trades placed and collect your cash.
  • Interactive help during those live sessions so you can be certain you're trading correctly and responsibly.
  • Email and SMS/Text alerts of trades so you never miss out on a single dollar of potential income.
  • A complete training program and every training resource I have available to help you right now.
  • Live Coaching during the month so you can master the art of selling options FASTER.
  • A Private Website so you can easily access all of your Options Income Blueprint materials whenever you need.
  • And, email support so you can get questions answered - I love answering emails from my members, it means YOU know I'm here to help you be successful. So if you have questions, bring them on - I have answers!

I've already shown you our average weekly paycheck in Options Income Blueprint:

...in the last five months

...over the last 12 months

...over the last 10 years...

So now we BOTH know that $1,000 in 30 days is possible ... it can be done and right now is the time for me help you by trading WITH YOU so you can put that cash in YOUR pocket.

If You Want To Put $1,000 Per Month Cash Income In Your Pocket In 30 Days,
Use This Special invitation To Get Full Access
to Options Income Blueprint for just $49.
Start Your Trial Here!
Real-World Experiences from Members of
the Options Income Blueprint Program
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Hello Michael,

Another amazing trading week with you.

I have been a buy and hold investor for the last 30 years and approached option trading with some skepticism My only prior option experience was selling covered calls of 3-4 months duration usually generating 8 - 12% returns.

Started trading with you in September after signing up for the OIB introductory offer in July. Watched and paper traded first 6 weeks and then began trading single contracts. Long story short now trading multiple contracts (80% your trades/20% my trades) with great success. 

I reviewed all the online training material which, along with your coaching, has opened my eyes to the wide range of option strategies available.

Your approach, fundamentals first, think like an investor and act like a trader is the most rational trading method I have ever seen for generating cash and income which is my primary focus for the foreseeable future. I am migrating my portfolio towards cash and income generation

Terry B.

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You have absolutely transformed my life and led me to the pure unbridled joy of full financial freedom!

Every day, I’m like a kid on Christmas morning -- just giddy to get-up and seize the new trading day. I’m a dedicated customer for life, and I just can’t express my appreciation enough.

Again, I thank you, times 1,000, for changing my life for the better!

Fred H
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Thank you so much for O.I.B., Income Madness and Income Masters.  I began with O.I.B. this past February, did Income Madness in March, and added Income Masters at the end of March.  I am stunned at the profits I am making, as well as constantly learning more about options trading from you.  The best part is this is really fun!

Patrick D.

“... Results Have Been Excellent”

“I have really enjoyed the service and the results have been excellent.”

Chris D.
Myrtle Beach, SC

Experienced Options Trader Sees Improved Results!

“...I was an experienced Options trader when I joined your service. The clear understandable logic of your trading methods has changed me significantly and improved my trading results.”

Bob B.
Bethesda, MD

Over 98% Profitable Trades!

“Since I started with your service, I have made 97 trades. 96 have been profitable. Thank you!”

Norman N.
El Paso, TX


Collected Almost $800 On First Two Trades...

“Thanks Michael. My first two “Blueprint” trades “selling options” were simple and easy to place and I collected almost $800 of cash. As a previously frustrated OPTIONS BUYER, I can tell you it feels a lot better to build on “small wins” to generate income then losing BIG chasing “home runs” buying options. I’m a converted seller of options and I can’t wait for our next trades.”

Bob H.
Kansas City, MO

“...Helping Me To Be Successful At Generating Income From The Resources That I Have...”

“I want you to know how grateful I am for what you are teaching me. You have taught me skills that are helping me to be successful at generating income from the resources that I have... Thanks again for being such a good teacher, for your accessibility, and for really caring about us. A grateful student.”

Anne B.
San Jose, CA

“...You Can Make Money Consistently Over Time...”

“I like the way Michael Shulman teaches you how to “sell” options... If you manage your risk appropriately you can make money consistently over time since most of your options will expire worthless and you keep the cash.”

F. Wright
Washington, DC

“It’s Like Having Your Own Personal Options Trading Coach...”

“It’s like having your own personal options trading coach right there with you...”

B. Johnson
Hartford, CT

Already Made More Than Enough To Pay For The Service...

“Hi Michael ... let me say that I am very, very pleased with your Options Income Blueprint service and hope to be with you a long time. I have already made more than enough to pay for the [special] offer you extended a while ago. Just the educational materials alone would have been worth your subscription price, but the insight into effective rolling was priceless.”

-Dan S.
Cleveland, OH

“...I Have Been Impressed With The Cash I Put In My Pocket From You.”

“... Some services are complete junk but I have been impressed with the cash I put in my pocket from you. I have been trading your ideas as spreads since my initial capital outlay to your program was smaller than all cash secured.

Thanks for the cash! My portfolio thanks you”

-Nick L.
Quakertown, PA

“...Cut Years Off My Learning Curve.”

“Options Income Blueprint is just what I was looking for. I've spent years trying to do this on my own and this class has cut years off my learning curve. Thank you.”

Cathy W.
Chicago, IL

Clear And Concise Answers To Your Questions

“Thank you so much for your clear and concise session. This is why this service is so valuable.  The chance to have live interaction with you and get our questions answers is a great idea. Thanks Michael.”

Janet N.
Orlando, FL

Up $100K Since Joining Options Income Blueprint

“[This] is well worth the money. Hard to believe how good this is. I started with $200,000 and now it’s $300,000.”

James B.
Redding, CA

Lost Money With Most Other Programs But Not Options Income Blueprint

“I am currently a member of the Options Income Blueprint program. I have spent way too much money on other people's investment programs. I have lost money with most of them. But yours is terrific because of the way you explain everything so that is very detailed and clear... Thanks for your fantastic program”

Linda H.

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If You Want To Put $1,000 Cash Income In Your Pocket In 30 Days,
Use This Special invitation To Get Full Access
to Options Income Blueprint for just $49.
Start Your Trial Here!
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About Michael Shulman

Michael Shulman is a 30-year expert trader of the financial markets, with expertise as a trader, financial analyst, author and income-trading coach.

Since 2010, he has dedicated himself to teaching income investors how to get more income from their portfolios using simple, safe options selling strategies which produce consistent, reliable income. Every approach Michael teaches and trades was developed and used in his own portfolio before bringing it to individual investors.

His trade recommendations in his Options Income Blueprint, Perpetual Income Portfolio Club, Income Madness Week and Income Masters services maintain an average 96% success ratio; meaning his trades produced the expected income 96% of the time. No one's perfect.


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